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Promotion of modern education system

Important need of the hour … !!!!





The world is in front of me like a child

The spectacle happens day and night in front of me

Today we have entered the 21st century. And according to the modern requirements of the modern age, knowledge has also been divided into many branches. As much as modern science and technology has advanced and promoted the present century, ie the 21st century, its renewal is now being committed on a global scale.

We know that the people of Europe, and especially the United States, have made great strides in science and technology over the years, changing the face of the world. Scientific inventions have astonished the people of the world.     

But it is also a bitter truth that in today’s modern age we as a nation are far behind in the scientific field thanks to other nations. And the real reason is our flawed education system.

The most important requirement of the 21st century is the immediate promotion of adult education in Pakistan’s education system. So that the literacy rate increases and we can contribute to the development of our country.

Pakistan is a developing country and it came into being even though more than half a century has passed. But we are still far from the destination. Pakistan needs relentless effort and perseverance to stand in the ranks of the most developed and prosperous countries and to make it a separate place. And such a struggle cannot be imagined without modern education.

This development is possible only when every person in our country, whether young or old, male or female, child or old, is adorned with the ornament of education.

Although Pakistan has entered the 21st century. But at the same time, many problems have been gifted to him in this century. And these are issues without which we can never achieve victory in the field of development. And the greatest of these problems is modern education. And in this case too, the biggest rate of decline is literacy. And it is very important to increase it.

The rate of illiteracy in our country is shamefully high. The situation is similar in one of the two places in cities and villages. And that is why illiterate people are not aware of the demands of the time. They do not even know what stage the other nations of the world have reached in the field of development and what steps they should take for the betterment, development and collective prosperity of their nation and their country.

That is why they are completely unaware of the new ideas that are prevalent in the world and the only reason for their life is to eat, drink and sleep. And if you take a survey today, you will realize that 80% of the people in our country do not know what their purpose in life is. They want to do in their life. And what should they do … !!!

It is noteworthy that all these people are deprived of modern education. And one of the reasons is the expensive education system. Anyway …! Unfortunately, we have a lot of obstacles in the way of modern education. And one of the biggest obstacles is the poor policies of those in power. Eligible and capable people are exploited openly. That is why incompetent people are entering the education sector and making it a victim of misery.

It is also a tragedy that many of the people in the ruling class who are elected to power are illiterate. Will such people adopt a modern education system keeping in view the requirements of the 21st century?

According to an international report, developing countries spend at least five percent of their annual budgets on education and some countries even more. But look at the policies of our country, we are one percent less than other countries in our education budget.

Therefore, it is time for us to think about how and why we have met the requirements of the modern age, solved all the problems of our country by ourselves, developed modern education and stood shoulder to shoulder with the developed nations. Can be used to walk shoulder to shoulder.

Only by promoting the education system can we move our country on the path of development and prosperity. Of course, there is no shortage of qualified people in this country who can make the impossible possible with their art. There is an urgent need to make better use of their art and to promote educational activities in order to produce a well-educated and civilized nation. And it is essential for the development of the beloved homeland.

The purpose is to … !!!

Knowledge and wisdom is the lost heritage of a Muslim. And every effort should be made to achieve this. We Muslims cannot be ahead of other nations in the field of knowledge, wisdom and science and technology, nor can we be behind them. We will prove ourselves equal to them. And we will make a name for ourselves by moving ourselves on the path of development.
God willing………!!!

According to the poet:

On this day, Khild himself will come down in Dahar!

The day when human beings will live in the world of Bin








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